The Puerto Rico Project


In January 2018, we traveled to Puerto Rico to document the rebuilding efforts of the island post Hurricane Irma and Maria. Now, we are joining forces with outstanding organizations and community leaders in Puerto Rico to help communities in desperate need. 

During our visit to Puerto Rico we privately raised $2,500 from friends and family that we used to fill in the gaps we saw along our journey. On our next trip in June 2018, we’d like to do more. While government agencies and big organizations are helping rebuild electrical grids and reopen schools, there are still children in Puerto Rico without proper shoes and basic school supplies. We believe it’s up to average citizens like all of us to help fill in those gaps.

Please head over to our You Caring Donation Page where you can find out more about what we raised back in our January trip and check out our video featuring Nina Castro and the kids of Toa Baja Pueblo. All month long, we'll be sharing more videos about the incredible people we met and were able to help during our travels. Please share this link with your friends and family and consider a donation today!


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